D.A.V. Public school

R.K Ashram Marg,Sector-3 D.I.Z Area,Gole Market, New Delhi -110001 (RECOGNISED BY DOE) Phone no. : 01123743515 , 01141044139

House System  


The school house system  helps to teach children the value of teamwork and good behavior.We place a high value on learning about working as a team and the benefits of good behavior, so the School House System is an important part of student life.Our child will join one of the four school houses. The houses are named after famous RIVERS OF INDIA.

The houses are:






Each student is placed in a house.Throughout the year, COMPETITIONS are held. Each child will be encouraged to participate in the different activities. The inter House activities are:-

  • Spelling Bees
  • Sports Day
  • Quizzes
  • Art and Design Competitions
  • Singing Competitions
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D.A.V. Public school
R.K Ashram Marg,
Sector -3 D.I.Z Area,Gole Market
New Delhi -110001
Email Id : dmodel_50@rediffmail.com
Phone No. :  01123743515, 01141044139

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