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Child centered approach has been made possible through various clubs:


The clubs provide opportunities for the children to participate in activities,interact with peers in a supervised settings  and form relationships with others.Clubs focus

on a  specific area,thus allowing members to develop their

Skills and interest in that area.Joining clubs and volunteering is a great way to:



  • Make new friends related products that will facilitate them
  • Build respect and learn teamwork
  • Gains self-confidence
  • Develop time management skill
  • Learn real-world skills
  • Relieve stress



The four clubs are introduced in this school to extend children’s education.


Sculpture club:-

The use of hands with eye coordination plays a significant for the optimal growth of the human brain.Innovative ideas are being put into practice to extend the frontiers of

Creativity. Start has been made with clay modelling.


Young scientist club:-

The aim of this club is to develop in children scientific attitude in  fun way method through many interesting experiments,hands-activities connected to their day to day life.


Dramatics club:-

The  DRAMATICS CLUB is more like a family than just a club. It is a place where dreams are nurtured to become realities … where fantasies are vivid and striking.                                                                                                                    


 The Club

  • provides a platform for students to show off their acting skills
  • brings forth new talents in the fields of acting
  • provides entertainment to the students
  • boosts the confidence of students.

Animal welfare club:-

Animal Welfare Club is a friendly, open environment to discuss animal liberation with like-minded students. Each meeting will include a brief presentation dedicated to a specific topic on animal rights, followed by a lively discussion.


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D.A.V. Public school
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