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Through the years,DAV group of institutions have been upholding the ideals of traditional Indian education while providing students the best of modern teaching.The founding of the DAV movement was based on the premise of reviving the long-lost modus operandi of traditional Indian education which was woven around the learnings of the vedas. Fusing those values and methods of teaching with the fast-paced and ever changing landscape of modern education is what we continuously strive to achieve as a teaching unit at DAV.

Generally, contemporary schools and educational institutions lay great emphasis on academic results and in the process, develop a culture of lauding and celebrating individual success and natural talent. We do recognize that results are important and that talent needs to be encouraged, but we also realize our responsibility of being a community school where all children might not be equally gifted and might not have the best support from their families. Our teaching efforts therefore, come to real fruition when we succeed to make this schooling process enjoyable and educative for even the ‘not-so-talented’ and the so-called ‘laggards’. Finding and encouraging each child’s talent is what real education is about.

Sports, as a part of the curriculum, are emphasized upon considerably. There is scientific evidence that sporting activities in formative years help children develop team-spirit and a sense of cooperation. Also important, is the art of effective communication. Education must empower everyone to freely express themselves in whichever walk of life they wish to pursue. Declamations, debates, extempore, creative writing etc. all remain important parts of our course program and co-curricular activities.

Lastly, as all professional institutions must do, we promise to be honest, clear and transparent with our stakeholders - the most important of whom are the parents and guardians who have placed their children under our care. Being a mother myself, I see infinite possibilities in all children. As a professional educator and headmistress now, I recognize it as my duty to ensure that every child gets the best opportunity to fully attain her potential while being at DAV.


Yours Sincerely,

Mrs. Sunita Arora

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D.A.V. Public school
R.K Ashram Marg,
Sector -3 D.I.Z Area,Gole Market
New Delhi -110001
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Phone No. :  01123743515, 01141044139

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