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Event Start Date : 02/12/2023 Event End Date 02/12/2023

Title: Carnival Report
Theme - Zero Hunger
Date: 2nd December, 2023
The school's carnival on December 2nd, 2023, was a resounding success, featuring a diverse
array of clubs that showcased the talents and creativity of our students. Various clubs,
including Robotics, English Dramatics, Hindi Dramatics, Dance, AI, Paper Mache, Robotics,
Science, and Eco Warriors, actively participated in the event.
The Robotics Club wowed the audience with their technological innovations, while the English
and Hindi Dramatics clubs delivered captivating performances that highlighted linguistic and
theatrical excellence. The Dance Club added a rhythmic and energetic element to the carnival,
showcasing impressive choreography.
Moreover, the inclusion of clubs like AI, Paper Mache, Robotics, Science, and Eco Warriors
added an extra layer of diversity to the carnival, demonstrating the multifaceted talents of
our students.
The overarching theme of the carnival was aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals
(SDGs), specifically focusing on SDG Goal 2 - Zero Hunger. This thematic choice aimed to instill
a sense of awareness and responsibility among the students regarding global issues related
to hunger and sustainable food practices.
Children actively participated in various activities related to the Zero Hunger theme, engaging
in discussions, interactive displays, and hands-on projects. The involvement of parents as
witnesses further enhanced the collaborative spirit of the event, highlighting the importance
of a strong partnership between the school and parents in shaping the educational
The carnival successfully integrated entertainment with education, fostering a sense of global
citizenship and social responsibility among the participating students. By aligning the event
with the Zero Hunger SDG Goal, the school emphasized the role of education in addressing
real-world challenges and inspiring positive action.
In conclusion, the December 2, 2023, carnival was a dynamic showcase of the diverse talents
within our school community. The fusion of entertainment, education, and a commitment to
the Zero Hunger SDG Goal made this event not only enjoyable but also impactful in promoting
a holistic approach to learning.
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